What is LAYYAH?

         Layyah is the name of city of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. It is located in Punjab

         Province of  Pakistan . It is a District (County) Of Dera Ghazi Khan (D.G.Khan)


       Name :

         Layyah derives its name from the wild short shrub commonly known

         as Layyan.

        District :

         This District was carved out from Muzaffargarh Distt. in the year 1982. 

         The District has 03 Sub Divisions (Tehsils) namely Layyah,

          Karor & Choubara.

       Situation :

          The Layyah is situated between the River Indus and Chenab in

          Sindh Sagar Doab in central area of Pakistan.  In the North, there

           is District Bhakkar, Muzaffargarh in the South, Jhang in the East

          and D.G.Khan in the West across the river.  The District is of 

          semi rectangular shape and has sandy land. 

          Area :

         Total area of the District is 6291 Sq.KM.  It is 88 KM Long from East

          to West & 75KM Wide from North to South.