Whose are LAYYANS?

              Layyans are the peoples of Layyah with following qualities:

              1). They born in Layyah.

              2). They speak truth, they are legends and they are sincere and trust worthy.

              3). They lose money but they never lose their character.

              4). They help each other and everybody.

              5). They always respect everyone specially Women, Elders, and parents.

              6). Whenever they are from out of city they represent themselves as good and

                   Exemplary Person attitude with all people and they always try to keep

                   good vision of their city and city people in others view.

              7). They help and support to all and specially other Layyans.

              8). They are fair, straight forwarder and Hospitable.

              9). They believe and kept all Islamic values and Humanitarian qualities .

             10). They are always friend of every one and Proud to be a MUSLIM, PAKISTANI

                    and LAYYAN.

               If you believe on all above qualities and want to be a real LAYYAN then please

               signup at and get your e-mail to join LAYYAN LIST or if you

               have already other E-mail address then please provide us in following your e-mail

              address to join on line LAYYAN community whose posses all above qualities.


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