Legends Of Layyah

Legend = Star, celebrity, tale, fable, myth, marvel, prodigy,  fairy tale.


                            Scholars of Layyah

                                1). Dr. Tariq Iqbal, Ph. D in Physics, Serving in Canada.

                         2). Dr. Azhar Iqbal, Ph. D in Laser Technology, Serving in U.K.

                         3). Dr. Mujhaid Alam, Ph. D in Informatics, Serving in Islamabad.

                         4). Dr. Zafar Alam Zafari, Ph. D in Urdu, Serving in Layyah.

                         5). Dr. Khiyal Amrohi, Ph. D in Persian Language, Serving in Layyah.

                         6). Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Ph. D in Plant Engineering and Genetics,

                                    Post Doctorate in Molecular Breeding,

                                    He won USA "Fulbright" Scholarship for Post Doctorate in

                                    University of Georgia,

                                    Serving in USA.

                         7). Dr. Abid Mehmood, Ph. D (Subject will be listed soon), Serving in



Ambassadors of Layyah

        1). WahidBux Bhatti Wahidy     


 1). 1st Person who settled  in New York (the Capital of World [due to UN] ,USA) and named his house as “Layyah House” and his sons Rabbani Wahidy, Yazdani Wahidy, Jilani Wahidy also named their buiness as Layyah-Pak Inc. in New York and even they named their cars number plates as LAYYAH-1 and LAYYAH-2. They love Seriki Language and proud to speak Seriki language. When people asks them what is Layyah? They proudly introduce their city Layyah.

 2). He is the President of the South Asian Journalists Union of North America [SAJUNA]

3). He is Chairman of Pak-US Cultural Society of North America.

4). He is Chairman of Worlds Asian Workers Organization [WAWO] USA.

5). He is Chief editor “Daily Ravi International” based in New York.



                        ... List is being up to date, If you are or you know any Scholar then please

                             send all info with proof to webmaster@layyah.com for additions.

                            Soon you will find here contact and research details of listed Scholars.


              Whose are   Legends Of Layyah ?

              Legends Of Layyah  are those personalities of Layyah whose made

             history of Layyah in very Good Sense. Due to their hard work and dedication

             Layyah name was honored in the history at National and International Level

             in Followings fields and Categories.

            1). Education

            2). Culture

            3). Science & Technology

            4). Peoples and City Development/ Welfare


          We are busy to search for Legends and making list of them to honor and award

          them. Please check back this page and we will up to date it soon.


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