Images  Of  LAYYAH










         Attention: Copying, Reprint and Republish of all above images is illegal. We are the real owner

                              of images and all rights are reserved.

         All above images are about historical places in LAYYAH. I don't have much details and historical

         background knowledge about these  images, so If  anyone have historical information about above images

         or have some more images about Layyah then please send me all about which I can  place here.

          Nadeem Bilal Bhatti [NBB],

         Ref :  All above images have been taken and sent to me by Mr. Khalid from Layyah.

                  Mr. Khalid basicaly belongs from Mohallah Eid Gah of  Layyah city and currently he is doing

                  his Job as Cargo Manager at Daewoo Express terminal Rawalpindi.