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In 1949, The 1st Book centre in Layyah was established by Muhammad Jaffar Ansari (1901-1983) name Jaffar Book Depot in Sadar Bazar.

His Son Abdul Qayyum Ansari (1934-2005) worked with him for a long time. After this, name of the shop converted into Qayyum Dee Hatti (A Saraiki paragraph means Qayyum`s shop).

Their hard working gave them a famous name in Layyah & World of Books.As well as Layyah progressed Abdul Qayyum Ansari established more branches.

Head Office    Qayyum Dee Hatti         (Sadar Bazar)


                                 E-mail: mr.books1949@layyah.com

Branches    Layyah Kitab Ghar       (Railway Road)


                                 Pakistan Book Centre   (Choubara Road)


                                 Book Land                      (College Road)

                                 Ph: +92-606-410208   


School Books   (Private & PTB)

Quran-e-Majeed (Mutarjam , Muarra)

Tib & Hikmat    (From famous Hakims)

Forms                          (Court , Admission & Pension)


College Books

Islamic Books

Stories            (Children & Islamic)

Sports                        (Cricket & Football)

Dictionaries          (Urdu & English)

Diaries              (Annual , School & Normal )


School Bags

Informative Books

Registers               (for all types of Offices)




1-   Punjab Text Book Board Lahore

2-   Fast Line ( Pvt ) Limited

3-   Sayyed Engineers  &  Sayyed Stationery ( Pvt ) Limited

4-   Dollar Industries ( Pvt ) Limited

5-   Azhar Publishers Lahore

6-   Zarnab Publications Lahore

7-   Nuqoosh Publishers Lahore

8-   Mashal Publishing house Lahore

9-   Ilm Publishers Lahore

10- Babar Publications Lahore

11- The Choice Publications Lahore

12- Gohar Publishers Lahore

13- Ittehad Industries Faisalabad

14- Hamdard Educational Services Lahore

15- Ch. Ghulam Rasool & Sons ( Current )

16- Oxford University Press

17- Master Quran Company Lahore

18- Pak Quran Company Lahore

19- Hafiz Quran Company Lahore

20- Kiran Publications Lahore

21- Mark Industries ( Pvt ) Limited




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