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         Definition:  “Culture” can be defined in many different ways. Culture may be

         defined as  behavior peculiar to human beings, together with  material objects used.

         Culture consists of language, ideas, values, attributes, beliefs, customs,

         codes, institutions, tools, works and arts , religion, law, morality ,ceremonies

         and festivals.

         According to Muller-Layer, Culture can be defined as “Culture is an aggregate

         means of achievement and of progress”

           Layyah Culture:

        Layyah culture is called "Pure Local Culture".”. Although 98% people in Layyah are

         Muslims by birth and faith.

         Local Events:

        "Baysakhi" is the main local event of city. It is called Jashan-e-Layyah and celebrated

          in the month of April every year at the beginning of wheat field cutting.

          Social Life:

        Social life is very simple but legendry in District but some advance in main city. Social

         customs and traditions reflect Islamic touch. People are very much sincere, hospitable,

         conservative and humble, they are seriously conscious about their social traditions and

         feel pride in following them.


        According to climate dress is very simple. Men uses "Shalwar & Kameez" and women

         uses "Shalwar& Kameez, Dupata, Burqa, and Black Chadaar.


       Wooden, Date Leaves and Soil handicrafts are most popular and common.

        Women Design different styles of dresses and make flowers and Embroidery.


       Cricket, Football, badminton, Hockey, Volleyball, Kabbadi and  Kushti

         are major sports.

         Poets and writers:

       Ulema, Mushaikh and Sufi poets occupy highly honored places.         


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