Thal International Airwaves Pvt. Ltd.


                FM Radio License :

                PEMRA [Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority] has granted 3 Districts FM Radio License 

                to Thal International Airwaves Pvt. Ltd. for District Layyah, Muzafargarh and D.G.Khan.

                Check this link to validate Information:


               Mr.Pervaiz Druani had hard work for more then 3 years to achieve this hard target.

               Mr.Abbas Bhatti from U.A.E and Mr. Safder Abbas Bhatti from Layyah had made real all these

               efforts and dreams of  Mr.Pervaiz Durani by investing in initial process to get license from PEMRA

              at higher Bid Rate.

              Thanks to them:

              We appreciates and thankful to  Mr. Abbas Bhatti, Mr.Safder Abbas Bhatti and Mr.Pervaiz Durani to

              get  such a big step for Thal Area.


             Now initial process has been completed for FM Radio Station License but We Request to Bhatti's

             Family to start the remaining process for going on air on FM waves for the first time in the history of

             Layyah, the remaining investment is not more then 2 Million Rupees so it can be easily possible to

             arrange form Bhatti's.

           About Pervaiz Durani:

           Mr.Pervaiz Durani who is 27 years old young Mechanical Engineer and well known as old FM

          Broadcaster in the city. 6 Years before I and Mr. Durani had started some experimental FM Radio

         Test Transmission between our two hands made by ourselves  little 5 watts transmitters for our hobby

         and project, so that was much interesting for us and wonderful for public, I left all about that electronics

          and joined this computer IT, Computer Networks and web development but Mr.Pervaiz Durani continued

         his hobby and efforts for FM Radio Station and opened it for Public requests so that was amazing for


         Mr. Durani had worked and traveled around whole country much more for establishing big professional

         FM Radio Station in Layyah for Layyans. We wish and pray for him that May God Bless him great

          opportunity to be pioneer for starting FM On Air Broadcasting in the region as soon as possible.Ameen.

            About Mr. Abbas Bhatti.

            Mr.Abbas Bhatti is basically a business man from Layyah settled in U.A.E. He is well worthy person

           who always positively think to improve the region and peoples condition in Layyah. We request him to

           complete  remaining process for FM Radio in the region. We pray for him May God bless him with

            power to  support peoples of  Layyah. Ameen!!


           Nadeem Bilal Bhatti [NBB]


          Margalla Networks,

          Office # 10, Near Daewoo, Pacific Center, F-8/ Markaz,

          Islamabad-44000, PAKISTAN

          Ph: +92 51 2854177 (Office)

                +92 300 5111925 (Mobile)

         Fax:+92 51 2855579




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