Keeping in view the availability of raw-material, skilled labour, industrial units, local / national / international demand, future industrial potential of district Layyah is discussed hereunder:-It would, however, be kept in mind that though the above mentioned factors facilitate the success of any industrial unit, yet the entire success depends upon the investors / entrepreneurs and the capabilities of the personnel having the managerial control. Therefore, it is advisable that detailed feasibility of industrial project must be carried out before making final decision for investment


Major Crops of the district are wheat, cotton, guar seed and sugarcane. The average annual production of wheat, guar seed and sugarcane over the period 1998-2001 was 365, 22 and 619 thousand M. Tons respectively and of cotton was 99 thousands bales. Other important crop is gram. Its average annual production over the period 1998-2001 was 44 thousand M. Tons    In district Layyah one sugar mill, 4 flour mills, 8 cotton ginning and pressing factories and 20 oil expelling units are operating.  District Layyah is one of the least industrially developed districts of Punjab. In view of the availability of raw material, there exists good scope for guar-gum manufacturing units. Guar-gum is manufactured in three grades i.e. food grade for confectionery, ice cream and other foods, technical grade for paper industry, industrial grade for pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics etc. It is also a exportable item and guar meal is used in poultry/animal feeds.   Besides, there exists scope of Dal-milling units and the availability of cotton also warrants establishments of cotton spinning and weaving units


As per Livestock Census, 1996, the population of cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats was 267, 205, 315 and 347 thousand heads respectively. As regards poultry, there are only 175 broiler and 55 layers poultry farms having rearing capacity of 1641 and 135 thousand birds. The annual availability of hides/skins is estimated at 73400 pieces, which are sufficient for a small size tannery.           The estimated annual production of wool i.e. 315 M. Tons reflects scope for wool processing and spinning units


The only major industrial unit in the district is a sugar mill. A polypropylene woven bags/cotton bags making unit can be established to meet the packing requirement of the sugar mill. However, there exists good scope for paper and paper board mill on the basis of availability of bagasse and for poultry/cattle feed mill because basic raw-material i.e. molasses, guar meal, slaughter house waste, etc. are locally available
As Layyah is one of least industrialized districts of Punjab, therefore, it is appropriate that such industries may be established which can sell their products easily in the local market such as Niwar making, Laundry Soap, Tyre retreading, Cattle/Sheep/Goats Fattening Farms, Cold Storage, Biscuits, Steel Furniture, Electrical Accessories like Plugs, Switches, Boards, etc. Sewing Machines and Desert Coolers can also be manufactured by purchasing major electrical/mechanical parts from the manufacturers of other districts.

As per discussion given in Section 6.1 to 6.4, the following industrial projects have been identified for investment in district Layyah. 



            Cattle/Sheep/Goats Fattening Farm


            Cold Storage


            Dal Milling


            Desert Coolers


             Electrical Accessories (Plugs, Switches, Boards)


             Guar Gum


             Laundry Soap


             Niwar Making


             Paper and Paper Board


             Poultry/Animal Feed


             Polypropylene Woven Bags/Cotton Bags (For Sugar Mills)


             Steel Furniture


             Sewing Machine


             Textile Spinning and Weaving




            Tyre Retreading


            Wool Processing and Spinning


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