Use MSN Messenger with Layyah.Com E-mail Address


        Please follow these simple steps to use MSN :

          1). You should have E-mail address of Layyah.Com If you don't have one then Sign Up Now

          2). When you have Layyah.Com ID then go to and click there at

               REGISTER     FOR    YOUR  FREE  .NET  PASSPORT  NOW! .

         3). A simple registration form will display, fill out all form and write your Layyah.Com e-mail in asked e-

                mail box

         4). After submitting successfully this form, you will receive a congratulation page message.

         5). You will receive an e-mail in you e-mail account from Microsoft as " Welcome to 

               Microsoft .NET Passport! " Subject.

        6). Then click on sing in link at the page.

        7). Then you will receive another e-mail from Microsoft as " Please verify your Microsoft .NET 

             Passpo... "  Subject, you should open this mail there will be message in the mail like " TO VERIFY that 

            you have registered this e-mail address as a .NET Passport, 

            click:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX " you should click this link  to

            activate your account for MSN Messenger. After clicking the link you will see a message like this

           You are verifying the e-mail address for the following .NET Passport:
    To complete the verification process, click Continue, and then sign in using the e-mail address and  

      password for this .NET Passport.

      Then Click to continue, so at last you have to write you Layyah.Com E-mail id and that password which you

      given on passport registration form in step 2. So at last you will receive following message

          Verification Successful
           You have successfully verified the e-mail address associated with the following .NET Passport:

          8). Congratulations now your  Layyah.Com account is configured for MSN messenger and now you can  

              log in to msn messenger by using full Layyah.Com E-mail and password then If you need any support id for MSN chat "" .

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             Thanks for being with us.

             Nadeem Bilal Bhatti [NBB]

             MSN ID:


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