Layyah Travel Routes

    From Out Of Layyah To Layyah:

     1). From Lahore to Layyah

       A). By Bus

             A 1st Class Air condition Bus is available after every hour at General Bus

               Stand [LARI ADDA] of Lahore by New Khan and Balouch Transport Service.

         B). By Train

             From Lahore railway station you can find a train to Multan after every 6 hour

               and from Multan to Layyah you can come by train or by Wagon.


          2). From Rawalpind/Islamabad to Layyah

      A). By Bus

              From Pirwadhai Ada of Rawalpindi you can get direct Bus to Layyah in

                Morning and evening time from "Rana Jhanzaib" Stand No. 33 Ph: 0092-51-5465039

                and "Sada Bahaar"            

                OR you can find a bus from ChowkAzam way after every hour from

                Pirwadhai Adda.

          B.). By Train 

              From main railway station of Rawalpindi you can find "Bilal Express" train

                 at 7:00 A.M (Morning) and "Mehir Express" at 4:00 P.M (Evening) train

                 directly to main Layyah city.

          From Layyah to Outer Cities

          A). By Bus

               From main bus stand of Layyah city you can find buses wagons to

                  Chowk Azam, Karor, Kotsultan, Multan, D.G Khan, Muzafargarh, Tunsa,

                  Bhakaar, Lahore, Karachi, Sargodha and other cities.

          B). By Train

              From Railway Station of Layyah you can find trains towards northern cities and

                southern cities of Pakistan.        


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