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         1). Better than Yahoo &  Hotmail as compare to inbox space.

                  [ Hotmail = 2Mb Yahoo = 4Mb Layyah.Com = 6Mb ]

          2). E-mail account never expire if you use or not.

              [ Yahoo and Hotmail 1st Deactivate and then Expire E-mail account after inactivity of 1 month but

                    Layyah.Com NEVER Deactivate nor Delete mail account If you use or not for long time. ]

           3). Built in junk mail filter and larger mail attachments.

                 [ Some companies search e-mail address for newsletters, advertisement or pornography material

                   Layyah.Com Protects you against these kind of mails.]

         4). By your own city brand name upgradeable to 25MB Space with POP Access at

              discounted price.

                 [ If you want extra Service then you can buy e-mail service from Layyah.Com by Rs.1200/= per year

                 [or 20 US$ Per Year ] because of these 5 top qualities 1). 25mb Of Space.  2). No Advertisement

                    in mail pages. 3). Larger E-mail Attachments up to 10mb possible.  4).You can read and retrieve

                   your mails OFFLINE by POP Access using Outlook Express or other E-mail Software 

                    5). Fast and always up.          

         5). You can login to MSN Messenger by  using this address.                                               

                    [CLICK Here To Activate your address for MSN Messenger]

            6).  Three Main Websites To Check E-mail. 

                    [ 1)., 2).  3). ]

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